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1. A Japanese Blossom, an electronic editionWatanna, Onoto, 1879-1954 [Onoto Watanna] 1906
2. 'No Friend Like a Sister,' an electronic editionCarey, Rosa Nouchette, 1840-1909 [Rosa Nouchette Carey] 1906
3. Romance Island, an electronic editionGale, Zona, 1874-1938 [Zona Gale] 1906
4. A Young Man from the Country, an electronic editionAlbanesi, Effie Adelaide Maria 1866-1936 [Madame Albanesi] 1906
5. The Man in the Case, an electronic editionPhelps, Elizabeth Stuart, 1844-1911 [Elizabeth Stuart Phelps] 1906
6. Nowita, the Sweet Singer. A Romantic Tradition of Spavinaw, Indian Territory, an electronic editionAnderson, Mabel Washbourne [Mabel Washbourne Anderson] 1906