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1. The Heart of Hyacinth, an electronic editionWatanna, Onoto, 1879-1954 [Onoto Watanna] 1903
2. In Clarissa's Day, an electronic editionKeddie, Henrietta, 1827-1914 [Sarah Tytler] 1903
3. Like Ships Upon the Sea, an electronic editionTrollope, Francis E., d. 1913 [Frances Eleanor Trollope] 1903
4. Pigs in Clover, an electronic editionFrankau, Julia, 1864-1916 [Frank Danby] 1903
5. The Lights of Home, an electronic editionMathers, Helen, 1853-1920 [David Lyall] 1903
6. An April Princess, an electronic editionSmedley, Constance, 1881-1941 [Constance Smedley] 1903