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1. A Spirit of Mirth, an electronic editionWebling, Peggy [Peggy Webling] 1913
2. The Pit of Corruption, an electronic editionGraham, Winifred (Matilda Winifred Muriel) [Winifred Graham] 1913
3. A Knight of Spain, an electronic editionBowen, Marjorie, 1888-1952 [Marjorie Bowen] 1913
4. Set to Partners, an electronic editionDudeney, Henry, Mrs., b. 1866 [Mrs. Henry Dudeney] 1913
5. Her Ladyship's Conscience, an electronic editionFowler, Ellen Thorneycroft, 1860-1929 [Ellen Thorneycroft Fowler] 1913
6. Bond or Free, an electronic editionMathers, Helen, 1853-1920 [David Lyall] 1913
7. Studies in Love and in Terror, an electronic editionLowndes, Belloc, 1868-1947 [Mrs. Belloc Lowndes] 1913
8. Below Stairs, an electronic editionSidgwick, Alfred, Mrs., d.1934 [Mrs. Alfred Sidgwick] 1913
9. Vanishing Points, an electronic editionBrown, Alice, 1857-1948 [Alice Brown] 1913