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1. Stories of the Seen and Unseen, an electronic editionOliphant, Mrs. (Margaret), 1828-1897 [Mrs. Oliphant] 1902
2. The Washingtonians, an electronic editionHopkins, Pauline Bradford Mackie, b.1873 [Pauline Bradford Mackie] 1902
3. The Cromptons, an electronic editionHolmes, Mary Jane, 1825-1907 [Mrs. Mary J. Holmes] 1902
4. Confessions of a Wife, an electronic editionPhelps, Elizabeth Stuart, 1844-1911 [Mary Adams] 1902
5. Fugitive Anne: A Romance of the Unexplored Bush, an electronic editionPraed, Campbell, Mrs., 1851-1935 [Mrs. Campbell Praed] 1902