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21. Fanny Herself, an electronic editionFerber, Edna, 1887-1968 [Edna Ferber] 19171900-1999
22. Far to Seek: A Romance of England and India, an electronic editionDiver, Maud, 1867-1945 [Maud Diver] 19211900-1999
23. Fugitive Anne: A Romance of the Unexplored Bush, an electronic editionPraed, Campbell, Mrs., 1851-1935 [Mrs. Campbell Praed] 19021900-1999
24. A Gilded Serpent, an electronic editionMuddock, J.E. (Joyce Emmerson), 1843-1934 [Dick Donovan] 19081900-1999
25. Girls on the Gold Trail, an electronic editionCowper, E.E. (Edith Elise). [E.E. Cowper] [19--]1900-1999
26. The Golden Slipper, an electronic editionGreen, Anna Katharine, 1846-1935 [Anna Katharine Green] 19151900-1999
27. The Heart of Hyacinth, an electronic editionWatanna, Onoto, 1879-1954 [Onoto Watanna] 19031900-1999
28. Heiress of Densley Wold, an electronic editionWarden, Florence, 1857-1929 [Florence Warden] 19071900-1999
29. Her Ladyship's Conscience, an electronic editionFowler, Ellen Thorneycroft, 1860-1929 [Ellen Thorneycroft Fowler] 19131900-1999
30. Her Priceless Love, an electronic editionFleming, Geraldine, 1851-1924 [Geraldine Fleming] 19071900-1999
31. I Pose, an electronic editionBenson, Stella, 1892-1933 [Stella Benson] 19151900-1999
32. In Clarissa's Day, an electronic editionKeddie, Henrietta, 1827-1914 [Sarah Tytler] 19031900-1999
33. In the Closed Room, an electronic editionBurnett, Frances Hodgson, 1849-1924 [Frances Hodgson Burnett] 19041900-1999
34. Interplay, an electronic edition Harraden, Beatrice, 1864-1936 [Beatrice Harraden] 19081900-1999
35. The Iron Stair, an electronic editionRita19161900-1999
36. A Japanese Blossom, an electronic editionWatanna, Onoto, 1879-1954 [Onoto Watanna] 19061900-1999
37. A Knight of Spain, an electronic editionBowen, Marjorie, 1888-1952 [Marjorie Bowen] 19131900-1999
38. Lady Molly of Scotland Yard, an electronic editionOrczy, Emmuska Orczy, Baroness, 1865-1947 [The Baroness Orczy] 19101900-1999
39. The Lee Shore, an electronic editionMacaulay, Rose, Dame [Rose Macaulay] 19151900-1999
40. The Lights of Home, an electronic editionMathers, Helen, 1853-1920 [David Lyall] 19031900-1999