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#source publisher
1. F. Saudners
2. Hardy, Pratt, and Co.
3. Humphrey Mossley, William Bentley, and Thomas Heath
4. J. Knapton, and R. Wellington
5. Librarie C. Klincksieck
6. Printed by A. Maxwell for Dorman Newman
7. Printed by A. Maxwell for Edward Thomas
8. Printed by H. C. for John Taylor
9. Printed by W. Onley for S. Briscoe
10. Printed for Joseph Wild
11. Printed for Langley Curtis
12. Printed for R. Bently
13. Printed for Robert Sele
14. Printed for Robert Wilson
15. Printed for Samuel Briscoe
16. Printed for Tho. Bever
17. Printed for me, Elinor James