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1. Anonymous
2. Aulnoy, Madame d' (Marie-Catherine), 1650 or 51-1705 [Madame d'Aulnoy]
3. Bathurst, Elizabeth, d. 1691 [Elizabeth Bathurst]
4. Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689 [Aphra Behn]
5. Boulbie, Judith and Waite, Mary [Judith Boulbie and Mary Waite]
6. Chambers, Amelia [Amelia Chambers]
7. Cogan, Henry [Henry Cogan]
8. D'Anvers, Alicia [Alicia D'Anvers]
9. Douglas, Eleanor, Lady, d. 1652 [Lady Eleanor]
10. Egerton, Sarah Fyge [Sarah Fyge Egerton]
11. Elizabeth I, Queen [Elizabeth [Queen]]
12. Evelyn, Mary, 1665-1685 [Mary Evelyn]
13. Fox, Margaret Askew Fell, 1614-1702 [Margaret Askew Fell Fox]
14. Hughey, Ruth Willard, 1899- [Ruth Willard Hughey]
15. J. S. (John Shirley), fl. 1680-1702. [John Shirley]
16. James, Elinor, ca. 1645-1719 [Elinor James]
17. Kemp, Anne [Anne Kemp]
18. Lincoln, Elizabeth Clinton, Countess of [Elizabeth Knevet Clinton]
19. Manley, Mary de la Riviere [Mary de la Riviere Manley]
20. Mathews, Charles, Mrs., d. 1802. [Mathews, Eliza Kirkham]