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The Gentlewoman's Companion: or, A Guide to the Female Sex, an electronic edition

by Hannah Woolley [Woolley, Hannah, fl. 1670]

date: 1675
source publisher: Printed by A. Maxwell for Edward Thomas
collection: Early Modern through the 18th Century

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Books Printed for, and sold by Edward Thomas Bookseller, at the Adam and Eve in Little-Brittain.

| | 265

In Folio

ALL the several Seermons and other Traciates wwhich the Right Reverand Father in God Lancelot Andrews, late Lord Bishop of Winchester, left Perfect and Fit to be Published, in Large Folio. Price 20 s.

An exact Chronological Vindication, and Historial Demonstration of the British, Roman, Saxon, Danish, Norman, English Kings Supream Ecclesiassical Jurisdiction, in, over all Spiritual or Religious Affaris, Causes, Persons, as well as Temporal, within their Realms of England, Scotland, Ireland, and other Dominions. From the Original Planting, Embracing of Christian Religion therein, and Reign of Lucius our First Christian King, etc. By william Prynne Esp; late Bencher and Reader of Lincolns-Inn. The whole Work being Three Large Tomes in Folio. Price 4 l. 10 s.

The History of King John, King Henry, the Third, and the most Illustrious King Edward the First, in Large Folio. Price 20 s. By the same Author.

The Breviate of the Life of Dr. William Land, late Lord Arch-Bishop of Canterbury; with Hidden works of darness brought to publick light, c. in Folio. By the same Author. Price 20 s.

| | 266

Dr. Martin Luther his Colloquia Mensalia, or Table-Dsicourses, etc. Which in his Life- time he held with divers Learned men; (such as were Philip Melanshon, Casprus Cruciger, Justus Jonas, Panths Eberus, Vitus Dietericus, Johannes Bugenhogca, _____ _____ and others) etc. Translted out of the High German into the English Tongue. By Capt. Henry Bell, in Large Folio. Price 2 s.

Mr. Paul Bayner his Commentary on the Epistle of St. Paul to the Ephesians, in Folio. Bound Price 10 s.

More Clausam, or the Right and Dominions of the Sea, in Two Books: In the first, the Sea is proved by the Law of Nature and Nations not to be Common to all men, but to be a Susceptible of Private Cominion and Propriety as well as the Land. In the Second, it is asserted, That the most Serene King of Great Britain is the Lord and Proprietor of the Circumsuent and Surrounding Sea, as an inseparable and perpetual Appendix of the Brittish Empire. By Jopn Selden Esp. in Foilio. Price 12 s.

The Mariners Magazine, or Stiermys Mathematical and Practical Arts; containing the Description making use of the most useful Instruments for all Artists and Navigators. The Arts of Navigation at large, a new way of Surveying of Land; Gaging, Sunnery, Astronomy, and Dialing, performed Geometrically Instrumentall, and by Calculation, by Capt. Sam. Sturmy, in Folio; Price 14 s. Bound.

| | 267

In Quarto.

All the several Treatises of William Prynne Esq. Reader and Belicher of the Honorrable Society of Lincolns-Inn, being above one Hundred and Fifty in all. With a printed Caralogue of their of their Names.

Dariotus Redivivius, or a brief Introduction to the Judgment of the Stars. By Nath. Sporke in 40 to. Price 4 s.

Canaan's Calamity, or the Destruction of Jerusalem, in 4 to. Price Stitcht 6 d.

The Batchelows Banquet, in 4 to. Price Stitcht 6 a.

Mr. Joseph Caryl his Exposition, with Practical Observations on the whole Book of Job, in Twelve Volumes, in 4 to. Price Bound 4 l.

Welf-Homicide Murther, or some Antidotes and Arguments gleaned out of the Treaturies of our Modern Casuists and Divines against that horrid and reigning Sin of Self-Murther. By P. Philips M.A. of Clare-Hall in Cambridge, in 4to. Price 6 d. Sticht.

Maxon on the Globes, in 4to. Price 6 s. Bound.

Luthers Prophecies, in 4 to. Price 6 d. Sticht.

A Preservative of Piety, in a quiet reasoning for those Duties of Religion that are the means and helps appointed of God, for the preserving and promoting of Godliness. Namely, First. Of four Christian Duties, viz. 1. Reading the Scripture. 2. Preparation for the Lords Supper. 3. Estimation of the Ministry. 4. Sancification of the Lords day Sabbath. Secondly Of four Family Duties, viz. R. Houshold Careensing. | | 268 2. Family Prayer. 3. Repeating of Sermons. 4. Singing of Psalms. With an Epistle present to inform and satisfie the Christian Reader, concerning the whole Treatise, in Quario. Price bound, 2 s. 6 d.

Railing Rebuked or a Defence of the Ministers of this Nation: By way of Answer to the unparralleld Calumnies cast upon them, in an Epistle lately published by Thomas Speed, Merchant of Bristol, unhappily become the Quakers Advocate. Wherein some Scriptures are opened, and divers things objected by the Quakers, Examined and Answered in 4to. Price Stitcht 1 s.

A Vindication of Scripture and Ministry; in a Rejoynder to a Reply not long since Published, by Thomas Speed formerly (but unsuitably) Merchant in the City of Bristol,and Preacher: Lately (but more sadly) Merchant and Quaker. Wherein sundry Scriptures are explained, divers Questions (relating to these Times) discussed, and the Truth asserted against the Exceptions of Papists and Quakers, in 4to. Price Sticht 1 s.

These Three Books above Mentioned are written by William Thomas, late Minister of the Gospel at Vbley, in the County of Somerset.

In Octavo.

The Ladies Companion,or the English Midwife; wherein is demonstrated, the Manner and Order how Women ought to govern themselves during the whole time of their Breeding Children, and of their difficult Labour, hard Travail, and Lying-in Oc: Together with the Distases | | 269 they are subject to, (especially in such times) and the several ways and means to help them. Also the Various Forms of the Childs proceeding forth of the Womb, in 17 Copper-Cuts, with a Discourse of the Parts principally serving for Generation, in 8 a. Price 2 s. Bound.

A Friend to the Sick; or the Honest English Mans Preservation: Shewing the Causes, Symptoms, and Cures of most Occult and Dangerous Diseases which affflict the Body of Man. With a particular Discourse of the Dropsie, Scurvy, and Yellow Jaundice, and the most absolute way of Cure. Whereunto is added, a true Relation of some of the most remarkable Cures effected by the Authors most Famour Cathartique and Diuretick Pills, wherewith was Cured his late Grace George Duke of Albemarle; etc. Both these set forth for the Publick Benefit, by William Sermon, Doctor in Physick, one of his Majesties Physicians in Ordinary, in 80. Price 2 s. 6 s. Bound.

Bakers Arithmetick, teaching the perfect Work and Practice of Arithmetick, both in whole Numbers and Fractions. Whereunto are added many Rules and Tables of Interest, Rebate, and Purchases, etc. Also the Art of Decimal Fractions, intermixed with commong Fractions, for the better understanding thereof. Newly Corrected and Enlarged, and made more plain and easie. By Henry Philippes, in 8a. Price 3 s. Bound.

A Protestant Picture of Jesus Christ, drawn out in Scripture-Colours, against all Romanists and others. By T. Symson, in 8a. Price 1 s. 6d. Bound.

Hughes on the Globes, with Pontanius Notes

| | 270

Translated by Mr. Chilmrad, in 8b. Prie 3 s. 6 d. Bound.

Novum Testamentum Grace, in 8o. Price 2 s 6 d. Bound.

Dr. Thomson's Galeno-pale, in 8 o. Price 1 s. Bound.

_____ his Gag for Jabnson, etc. in 8a. Price 6 d. Stitcht.

Boteler of War, in 8a. Price 1 s. Bound.

A Manual or Three small and plain Treatises
Of Prayer, or Active
viz. 2. Of Principles, or Positive Divinity.
Of Resolutions or Oppositive

Written for the private use of a most Noble Lady, to preserve her from the Danger of Popery: By the Most Revenend Father in God, John Lord Archbishop of York, in 8o. Price 1 s. Bound.

Flowers Six Queries, in 8o. Price 1 s. Bound.

Mr. Gouge his Word to Saints and Sinners, in 8o. Price 2 s. Bound.

The Way step by step to sound and saving Conversion. By Robert Purnel in 8o. Price 1 s. Bound.

Poor Robin's Pathway to Knowledg. Price Bound 1 s.

In Twelves.

The Relation of the fearful Estate of Francis Spira. By Nath. Bacon Esq.; in 12o. Price 6 d. Bound

Dux Grammaticus, five Praxis totius Latine Syntaxeos, per Johannem Clerk, in 12o. Price 1 s. 6 d. Bound.

| | 271

Mr. Richard Standfast of Bristol his Works, viz. His Cordial Comforts, and Caveat against Seducers. Bound together in 12o. Price 1 s.

A serious Exhortation to a Holy Life, or a Plea for an absolute Necessity of Inherent Righteousness in those that hope to be saved. By Tho. Wadsworth, in 12o. Price 6 d. Bound.

Christian and Conjugal Counsel, or Christian Counsel applied to the Married Estate, by William Thomas late Minister of the Gospel, and Rector of the Church at Ubley, in 12s. Price Bound. 8 d.

Patience and its Perfect Work, under sudden and fore Tryals. By T. G. D. D. in 12 s. Price Bound 1 s.

Quintus Curtius in Lat. In 18o. Price Bound 1 s. 6 d.

Valerius Maximus in Lat. In 18o. Price Bound 1 s. 6. D.

You may likewise at the aforesaid Shop by furnished with Bibles of all sorts, Gilt and Plain, Testaments, Grammars, Psalters, Primers, and Horn-books, Gilt and Plain, all sorts of Schoolbooks for young Scholars; writing Paper of all sorts, Pens, Ink, Wax, Pencils. Here you may have all sorts of Books Bound at reasonable Rates. Also here is sold Dr. Bocketts Tincture of the Sun, in Glass Bottles sealed up, at 3 s. the Glass.

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