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The Gentlewoman's Companion: or, A Guide to the Female Sex, an electronic edition

by Hannah Woolley [Woolley, Hannah, fl. 1670]

date: 1675
source publisher: Printed by A. Maxwell for Edward Thomas
collection: Early Modern through the 18th Century

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A method of Courtship on fair and honourable terms.

Inamorato Lusippe.

Inam. I Shall ever account this, Madam, the happiest day I ever had in all the course of my life, which hath given me the honour and satisfaction of your acquaintance.
Lusip. Sir, if I knew ought in me worthy your merit, I should readily imploy it in your service; but being fully sensible of my imperfections and weakness, I believe the knowledg of me wili yield you less happiness than you imagine.
Inam. Madam, I wonder you should wrong so much perfection.
Lusip: I wrong not any thing in my possession, but it is your courtesie and rhetorick that would willingly excuse my defects, to make your own sufficiency to appear so much the more.
Inam. Pardon me, Madam, it is the charming power of your virtues and merits, which oblige me not only to honour and serve you, but also to desire some part and interest in your affections.
Lusip. Sir, whatsoever a Maid with honour may | | 257 do, you may request of me; I should be as void of judgment as detective in beauty, did I not respect your quality, admire your virtues, and with you a happiness equal to your demerit.
Inam. Madam, I assure you, my affections are real, and I hope sincerity doth wait on your good wishes; but if you will extend your favour, I cannot but be the happiest of all men.
Lusip. Sir, as I cannot perswade my self you will fix your affection on a person so little deserving; so I wish with all my heart your happy Stars may guide you to a Match that may become your worth.
Inam. Do not entertain so palpable a mistake: I have proposed to my self an unfeigned resolution to honour and serve you to my uttermost endeavour; and your refusal cannot Lessen my affection; suffer me then to bear the honourable title of your servant.
Lusip. Sir, I have absolutely render'd my self up to the disposal of my dear Parents, consult them; if you prevail on their consent, you shall not doubt the conquest of my affection.
Inam. You oblige me infinitely, and I must thank you as heartily; I will not rest a minute till I know my sentence of life or death, which consists, in the refusal of my love, or its acceptance.