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The Gentlewoman's Companion: or, A Guide to the Female Sex, an electronic edition

by Hannah Woolley [Woolley, Hannah, fl. 1670]

date: 1675
source publisher: Printed by A. Maxwell for Edward Thomas
collection: Early Modern through the 18th Century

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Addresses of Love and Service, from Erotus to Aurelia.

Erot. Madam, invited, or rather forced, by the just commendations which Englands Metropolis and other famed places attribute to your merits, I here prostrate my respects and service, which I shall desire you to esteem obedient to your will, until the time of my perserverance manifest them to be constant and faithful.

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Aurel. Sir, report is commonly a Lyar, and now proves more favourableto me than truth; you know I am flatter'd, and you add thereunto by presenting seigned love and service to the honour of this imaginary merit.
Erot. Madam, you seem ingrateful to overkind and indulgent Nature, in wronging that incomparable beauty she hath prodigally bestow'd upon you, which is so Paramount, it can produce no other effects but servent desires, and passionate endeavours to serve you.
Aurel. Sir, your Rheorick may work Miracles, but it can never alter my belief.
Erot. Then, Madam, I see there nothing remains but my future obedience and affection, which must condemn your misbelief, and authorize this truth.
Aurel. Such expressions float commonly on the streams of this Ages affection, which usually produce nothing but Artifice, although they pretend to the greatest service.
Erot. I know it is ordinary for some to confirm Promises with Oaths, when at that instant they ne're intended to perform them; but that which will insuse a belief that I follow not the common custom fo the times, is and will be the sincerity of my love, and constancy of my service.
Aurel. Sir, your enterprise will not be worth your pains; and should you obtain your desire, I know not how you will bear with the loss of being cheated in your hopes.
Erot. However, Madam, my resolution is fixt; and although you should make the end of it unfortunate or successless, yet is shall be the glory of | | 252 my courage that I fell from high attempts.
Aurel. Seeing you thus ground your hope o n misfortune, hope can nno way harm you; for is it deceive you, it makes you notwithstanding happy.
Erot. May I be so happy!
Aurel. I shall never advise a soul of your generosity to rest upon such a design, the resolution being so mean that it must needs be followed with sorrow and repentance.
Erot. My encouragement will be the gaining of as much honour in the enterprize as difficulty in the worthy archieving.
Aurel. If you made but half the proofs of these many prossers of service, you would be famous throughout the whole Empire of Love.
Erot. Madam, have patience to see the guidance of my love by the light of that fire your fair self hath kindled, which when your Luminaries are by death extinct, shall never be extinguished.