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The Gentlewoman's Companion: or, A Guide to the Female Sex, an electronic edition

by Hannah Woolley [Woolley, Hannah, fl. 1670]

date: 1675
source publisher: Printed by A. Maxwell for Edward Thomas
collection: Early Modern through the 18th Century

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Conserve of Roses.

Take red-Rose-buds, clip all the white, either bruised or withered from them; then add to every pound of Roses, three pound of Sugar, stamp the Roses very small, putting to them a little juice of Lemons or Rose-water as they become dry; when you think your Roses small enough, then put your Sugar to them, so beat them together till they be well mingled, then put it up in Gally-pots or Glasses. In this manner is made the Conserve of Flowers of Violets, which doth cool and open in a burning Fever or Ague, being dissolved in Almond- milk, and so taken; and excellent good for any inflammation in Children.

Thus you may also make the Conserve of Cowslips, which strengthens the brain, and is a Preservative against Madness; it helps the Memory, asswageth the pain of the head, and helpeth most infirmities thereof. in like manner you may also make Conserve of Marigolds, which taken fasting in the morning is very good against Melancholy; cureth the trembling of the heart, and very good against any Pestilential distemper.

Thus make Conserve of Sage and Scabious, the one is good against melancholy, drieth and comforteth the Stomack, cureth an old Cough, and | | 191 openeth the stopping of the Liver: the other, that is Scabious, cleanseth the Breast and Lungs, takes away old Coughs, and imposthumes of the Breast and inward parts.

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