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The Gentlewoman's Companion: or, A Guide to the Female Sex, an electronic edition

by Hannah Woolley [Woolley, Hannah, fl. 1670]

date: 1675
source publisher: Printed by A. Maxwell for Edward Thomas
collection: Early Modern through the 18th Century

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An excellent Cordial for Women troubled with Swooning-fits in Travel.

Take Borage-water, Rose-water, Strawberry-water, and Rhenish wine, of each two Ounces; Species of Diamargaricum srigidum, one Scruple; make a warm insusion for the space of an hour, then strain it, and add thereunto Manus Christi, made with Pearl, four Ounces; Oriental Bezoar Unicorns-horn, and Ambergreece, of each six Grains; of these make a Cordial-Julip.

Great pains frequently follow Women newly brought | | 183 to Bed; for which, there is nothing better than this plain receipt; viz, Drink a good draught of Beer boil'd with a spoonful of Camomile-flowers; and in greater pains let her drink six Ounces of the Oyl of sweet Almonds fresh drawn.

If the Woman delivered have no mind to give suck, and that she will have her Milk speedily dried up, a quick and safe remedy is, new Spuges wet in Vinegar, where a handufl of Cummin-seed boiled is bruised, tyed close to the Breasts, anointing them with Unguentum Populeum.

To procure store of Milk, use Posset-drink boiled with Fennel, with the seeds thereof, and Anniseeds. These remedies are known to be safe and effectual.

Thus much for Physick and Chyrurgery; having given you only some of the choicest Receipts I could procure; if you desire a larger knowledg herein, you would do well to acquaint your self with the Composition of Mans Body, and the Diseases incident to every part; which you may gather from several Books of Anatomy, either that of Dr. Read, or Dr. Riolaius, I think as good as any extant.

If you would know the nature of Plants, Gerhard and Parkinson write incomparably on that Subject; but if they are too bulky, and so may seem tedious you may make choice of lesser Herbals, as Adams in Eden; or a small Manual, written by Mr. Lovel.

| | 184 If you would have a Salve for every sore, at the Proverb expresseth, and a receipt for every Distemper, consult the general practice of Physick, Riverius his practice of Physick translated by Mr. Culpepper; with many more of the like Subject.

The next Qualifications which accomplish a Gentlewoman, are, Candying, Conserving, Preserving, and Distilling.

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