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The Gentlewoman's Companion: or, A Guide to the Female Sex, an electronic edition

by Hannah Woolley [Woolley, Hannah, fl. 1670]

date: 1675
source publisher: Printed by A. Maxwell for Edward Thomas
collection: Early Modern through the 18th Century

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Several excellent Sauces for several Dishes, and first for green-Geese.

Take the juice of Sorrel mixed with scalded Goosberries, beaten Butter and Sugar, then serve it on Sippets. Or fill their bellies with Goosberries, and so roast them, then take them out, and mingle them with Sugar, Butter, Vinegar, Cinamon, and serve on sippets.

For Land-fowl, take boiled Prunes, and strin them with the blood of the Fowl, Cinamon, Ginger, and Sugar, boil them to an indifferent thickness, and serve it in Sawcers, with the Gravy of the Fowl.

For roast Mutton divers sorts of Sawces; 1. Gravy, Capers, Samphire, and Salt, stew them well | | 152 together. 2. Water, Onion, Claret-wine, sliced Nutmeg and Gravy boiled. 3. Whole Onions stewed in Gravy, White-wine, Pepper, pickled, Capers, Mace, and three or four slices of Lemon. 4. Take Vinegar, Butter, and Currans, put them into a Pipkin with sweet Herbs finely minced, the yolks of two hard Eggs, some Cinamon, Ginger, Sugar, salt, with some of the meat minced very small, and boiled up with the aforesaid ingredients. 5. Salt, Pepper, juice of Oranges, and an Achovee. 6. Preserve the liquor of the Oysters you stuff your Mutton with, and add thereto Onions, Claret, Capers, or Broombuds, Gravy, Nutmeg, and Salt boiled together. These for a taste: for brevity I shall omit many more for Mutton, which might be here inserted.

For roast Veal several Sawces. 1. Gravy Claret, Nutmeg, Vinegar, Buter, Sugar and Oranges. 2. Only Vinegar and Butter. 3. All manner of sweet Herbs chopped small, with the yolks of three or four Eggs, and boil them in Vinegar and Butter, a few bread-crumbs, Currans, beaten Cinamon, Sugar, and a whole Clove or two, put it under the Veal with slices of Orange and Lemon to garnish the Dish.

For Red-deer. 1. The Gravy and sweet Herbs chopped small and boiled together. 2. Whitebread boiled in water pretty thick without spice, and put to it some Butter, Vinegar and Sugar. 3. The juice of Oranges or Lemons, with the Gravy. A Gallendine sawce I have already described in the roasting of Red-deer.

For Rabbets several sawces. 1. Beaten Butter, with the Liver, and Parsley cut very small. | | 153 2. Sage and Parsley minced, rowl it in a ball of Butter, and stuff the belly therewith.

For roast Hens divers Sawces. 1. Take the yolks of three hard Eggs minced small, salt, grated Bread, Gravy, juice of Oranges, with Lemon-peel shred small. 2. Gravy and Claret boiled with a piece of an Onion, Nutmeg and Salt. 3. Oyster-liquor, and Anchovee or two, Nutmeg and Gravy, and rub the Dish with a Clove of Galick.

Sawces for roast Chicken. Butter and Vinegar boiled together with a little Sugar; then make thin sops of Bread, then lay the roast Chicken on them, and serve them up.

For roast Pidgeons, or Stock-doves. 1. Boil'd Parsley minced, and put amongst some Butter and Vinegar beaten up thick. 2. Vine-leaves roasted with the Pidgeons, minced and put into Claret with Salt, Butter and Gravy boiled together. 3. Minced Onions boiled in Claret-wine almost dry, then put to it Nutmeg, Sugar, Gravy of the Fowl and a little Pepper.

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