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The Revelation of Jesus Christ by Anne Wentworth, an electronic edition. Edited with an introduction by Vickie Taft

by Anne Wentworth [Wentworth, Anne]

date: 1679
source publisher:
collection: Early Modern through the 18th Century

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Revelation XIV. July 24.


When I had ended this, and laid it by, and was retired alone in my Chamber, the same day the Lord spake to me again thus:
I the Lord take up the Cudgels
93 to fight with wicked men, Who fight and make War with the Lamb then: The false Prophets, and the great blind Beast94 , That comes from North and South, and the East; That are so blind, they can neither see nor hear95 , Nor the God of Heaven they do not regard nor fear: But would spread their Errors96 all over the Land, But with their falshoods before me the Lord cannot stand. My Church, my Spouse without spot must she be, My beloved Bride must be all fair for me: In Purple and Scarlet, cloathed all in white, That to the World she may give her light. It is I the Lord, who to thee now do speak, And yet they will not regard, nor my word take: By my Spirit I spake unto my Servants of old, As by my Prophets I have you all foretold. And I the Lord change not, but am still the same,Who speak to thee my Daughter again and again. And I the Lord now tell thee, that I will destroy, And preserve thy Name, and record thy Loyalty: When I cut off97 oppressors, and lying wicked men, When they feel my hand, they will believe then: And know, that it is I the Lord, who does all for thee, Because thou art faithful in suffering for me: Thy Name shall live, when thy Enemies are gone, Because thou stoodst for Truth, when thou was alone.


93. According to the OED, a cudgel is a "short thick stick used as a weapon; a club."

94. In Revelation 20:10, the "beast" and the "false prophet" are already in Hell when the devil is cast down into it.

95. In Deuteronomy 4:28, Moses says that the Lord will punish those who worship graven images by scattering them among heathens to "serve gods, the work of men's hands, wood and stone, which neither see, nor hear, nor eat, nor smell." See also Daniel 5:23 and Revelation 9:20 for further descriptions of false gods as blind and deaf. Wentworth suggests here that the people of England are not worshiping the "God of Heaven," but false gods, and are following "false prophets" as well.

96. Jeremiah refers to the construction of graven images as "the work of errors" (Jeremiah 10:15 & 51:18). Wentworth continues to emphasize the fact that the English are worshiping false gods.

97. When the Lord says that he will destroy his enemies, he often says he will "cut them off." See, for example, Exodus 23:23 and Psalm 54:5.

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