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The Revelation of Jesus Christ by Anne Wentworth, an electronic edition. Edited with an introduction by Vickie Taft

by Anne Wentworth [Wentworth, Anne]

date: 1679
source publisher:
collection: Early Modern through the 18th Century

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Anno 1679.

Revelation VI. March 8.
The Lord spake to me in these Verses, which follow.
A great wonder from Heaven will be wrought,
And no Creature upon Earth hath me taught.
The Promises, that five years ago the Lord made to me,
He will fulfil openly for my Friends to see:
And the reason why it came no sooner to be seen,
I was not strong enough in Spirit, nor they ripe enough in Sin.
I was not at all deceived about New-years-day
41 ,
For all the Lord revealed to me, came to pass in his own way.
It was their own blindness made them rail like mad,
To bring such woes on themselves, that will be very sad.
Those that will divide my Message, and not take it all,
But an Angel of wrath they will still me call,
They had better be silent, and speak nothing,
For over all Europe will their shame and sin ring.
For my message is Truth, and in it there is no Lye,
But Mercy and Judgment, that is still the Cry.
You may take it or leave it, that is all one to me,
For Judgments will come, good and bad, you will see:
For with the Nation God is exceeding wroth,
That the Vials of his wrath he will pour forth42 . For it is the will of God, which I now have done,
And as for my own will, of that I have none:
For on this message I would not have gone
,But the Lord sent me forth, and he brought me home.
To go on such an Errand, it was no pleasing thing,
And be so much abused, but I must obey my King43 .


41. In 1677, Wentworth predicted that the Apocalypse would begin before New Year's Day, 1678. She wrote to King Charles II and the Lord Mayor of London informing them directly of His coming, and published her prophecy in A Vindication. See F.H. Blackburne Daniell, ed., Calendar of State Papers Domestic Series (London: His Majesty's Stationery Office,1677) 279-80. See also A Vindication, 13, B3 recto.

42. This is a reference to the "seven golden vials full of the wrath of God" that the seven angels pour on Babylon during the Apocalypse (Revelation 15:8).

43. Here, the "King" refers to the Lord, not to King Charles II.

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