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The Revelation of Jesus Christ by Anne Wentworth, an electronic edition. Edited with an introduction by Vickie Taft

by Anne Wentworth [Wentworth, Anne]

date: 1679
source publisher:
collection: Early Modern through the 18th Century

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This short account I received from Mrs. Wentworth, which I give unto the World, that they may know in what manner the Lord usually speaks to her; his time of teaching her is, for the most part, in the Night, when others are asleep; then doth she hear the Voice of God, which is very sweet and pleasant to her, but having no opportunity then, to write down what is spoken to her, as soon as she is risen, she begs of God, that if it be his will, that the words, he spake to her, should be made known, that he would be pleased to bring it fresh again to her memory, if any thing be forgot by her: and upon her request the Lord is used to pour it upon her, as a mighty Stream, that she cannot rest, nor mind any thing in the World, nor speak to any, nor understand what others say to her, until she have put all in writing, and so answered the mind of God. And she declares, that if it were to gain the whole World, she cannot write in Verse at any other time, but when the Lord teacheth her, and poureth down his Spirit upon her.