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My Queen, an electronic edition

by Sandette [Walsh, Marie A.]

date: 1878
source publisher: G. W. Carleton & Co., Publishers; S. Low, Son & Co.
collection: Genre Fiction

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ONCE more, we will visit the Lion House, gaze for a few moments upon two scenes enacted there, and then we have done. Laima's parlor is an innovation upon Latter Day sanctity. It is Babylon in the midst of Zion; for the new favorite despises home industries, and loves show as much as any Gentile. The room, with its low ceiling, small square windows, and awkward contour, might; with skillful treatment, have possessed a characteristic interest; but crowded with recherché furniture, all crimson and gold, it is gorgeously ugly; and the absence of books and music augured ill for the taste of its mistress. Laima herself is radiant in ruby silk. The color suits her, and she knows it. To-night, she is anxious to appear charming; for she has a purpose. She is to test her power.

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He still lingers. Silea arrives. She is subdued, there are tears in her eyes as she says, "It is all over."

Yes, Laima has triumphed. Oreana is dead, abandoned, broken-hearted, a victim of superstition and her sisters in suffering exclaim, "Thank God, she is out of her misery." Such is the requiem of Mormon women.

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