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Lest We Forget: A War Anthology, an electronic edition

by H.B. Elliot, ed. [Elliot, H. B.]

date: 1915
source publisher: Jarrold & Sons
collections: World War I, Early 20th Century Literature

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| | 90

(After St. Anselm.)

IF Thou, Lord God, willest to judge
This Thy most piteous clay,
Which to save, Christ did not grudge
His red dying I should say:
"Now I interpose His death
'Twixt these children and Thy wrath."

Then if Thou should'st say, "Their shame
Is as scarlet in Mine eyes,"
I should ask, "Who bare the blame?
Look on Thy Son's sacrifice!
His dear Blood is far more bright
That shall wash the scarlet white."

Still if Thou Thy frown must keep
And Thine eyes Thou dost avert
(Ah! dear Shepherd of the Sheep)
I will say, "Who took the hurt?
I present Christ's death and pain
'Twixt Thine anger and these slain."

| | 91

Dear, they die in millions
For a quarrel not their own;
Look to this poor flock, Thy Son's,
Harried all and overthrown.
See, I lay Christ's Cross between
Dear, Thy justice and their sin.

New Witness.