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Lest We Forget: A War Anthology, an electronic edition

by H.B. Elliot, ed. [Elliot, H. B.]

date: 1915
source publisher: Jarrold & Sons
collections: World War I, Early 20th Century Literature

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GIVE them a cheer as they march along!
A life is a life, so don't mistake
There's death to meet or a name to make.
Give them a cheer!

Give them a song as they take the way!
There's not a bird or a passing breeze
But mingles notes in the roadside trees,
Lilt of hope is a true heartease.
Give them a song!

Give them a prayer as you watch them go.
(May be lips have forgotten to pray.)
For right upheld to the end of the way,
For goal of peace at the set of the day,
Give them a prayer!

The Queen.