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The Fiery Cross: An Anthology of War Poems, an electronic edition

by Mabel C. Edwards and Mary Booth, eds. [Edwards, Mabel C. and Booth, Mary]

date: [1915]
source publisher: [Grant Richards Ltd.]
collections: World War I, Early 20th Century Literature

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"I, WAVERING like a candle in the wind:
I on the margin of Eternity:
Alone--alone--and knowing I have sinned:
Pale Galilean, will you watch with me?"

"Lo! I am here, My son: if any sin
I am the Advocate for such as he.
The good to Heaven unmediated win:
You not till death's dark hour have turned to me.
Here on the battlefield are sins forgiven:
Your wounds are sacred: they do expiate:
Again-again--My side for you is riven."
"On healing streams I float thro' Death's dark gate."