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The Fiery Cross: An Anthology of War Poems, an electronic edition

by Mabel C. Edwards and Mary Booth, eds. [Edwards, Mabel C. and Booth, Mary]

date: [1915]
source publisher: [Grant Richards Ltd.]
collections: World War I, Early 20th Century Literature

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The Admonition

REMEMBER, on your knees,
The men who guard your slumbers--

And guard a house in a still street
Of drifting leaves and drifting feet,
A deep blue window where below
Lies moonlight on the roofs like snow,
A clock that still his quarters tells
To the dove that roosts beneath the bell's
Grave canopy of silent brass,
Round which the little night-winds pass
Yet stir it not in the grey steeple;
And guard all small and drowsy people
Whom gentlest dusk doth disattire,
Undressing by the nursery fire
In unperturbed numbers
On this side of the seas--

Remember, on your knees,
The men who guard your slumbers.

Westminster Gazette.