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The Fiery Cross: An Anthology of War Poems, an electronic edition

by Mabel C. Edwards and Mary Booth, eds. [Edwards, Mabel C. and Booth, Mary]

date: [1915]
source publisher: [Grant Richards Ltd.]
collections: World War I, Early 20th Century Literature

Anthology Contents

Table of Contents

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From Germany

REJOICE! Rejoice! the deed is done!
The Innocents are dead.
Hell's deepest teachings are outdone!
Justice and Mercy fled.

Rejoice! for in a thousand homes
The English mothers weep
The thousand sons our secret arm
Has plunged beneath the deep.

Rejoice!--but what this bitter brand--
Pale spectre of the slain--
You press upon my shrinking brow?
"It is the mark of Cain."