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The Woman's Era, Volume 2, an electronic edition

by Josephine St. P. Ruffin and Florida R. Ridley, Eds. [Ruffin, Josephine St. P. and Ridley, Florida R.]

date: [1894-1897]
source publisher: Woman's Era Club
collections: Abolition, Freedom, and Rights, Women's Advocacy

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January 1896

One Of the editors of The Christian Educator, the organ of the Freedman's Aid and Southern Education Society, has been at some pains to locate and learn something definite of the man Jacks, who wrote the shameful letter to Miss Balgarnie of England in March last. Letters of inquiry were sent to prominent people of Missouri, and some of the answers are given in the Educator. No names are mentioned by the Educator. Following is one of the replies:

"Mr. ----- is the editor of a paper here. He is a member of the ----- Church in this town, and the Sunday School superintendent. I learn he is the son of an ex-slave holder of this state. There are several of the leading colored men of this town and country that are subscribers to Mr. -----'s paper, and he has never printed a disrespectful word in his paper here against the colored people."

The Educator adds: "It is safe to say, from what is known of the man, that he would never be even courageous enough to print the whole letter in his own paper, and look his neighbors in the face the same week."

We are indebted to the kindness of De Wolfe, Fiske & Co., publishers of the "Life and Times of Frederick Douglass," for the loan of the fine cut of Mr. Douglass presented in this number of the ERA.

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