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The Woman's Era, Volume 2, an electronic edition

by Josephine St. P. Ruffin and Florida R. Ridley, Eds. [Ruffin, Josephine St. P. and Ridley, Florida R.]

date: [1894-1897]
source publisher: Woman's Era Club
collections: Abolition, Freedom, and Rights, Women's Advocacy

Table of Contents

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Alice T. Miller

August 1895

We greet you with glad welcome who have come
To share with us the fruit of garnered years,
To share our joys and griefs, our hopes and fears,
To join us in this--Wisdom's harvest--home!
Now may the truth we gather here become
A treasured store, --like the golden ears
The farmer safe bestows, ere winter nears,
To feed his flocks withal, --that we to some
Sad heart may comfort give, some want relieve,
Lend hand or voice to aid some strife for Right;
And learn we with our gifts ourselves must live.
So may we hail with joy the dawning bright
On the fair days when all their rights receive.
Once more, we welcome you this summer night.


They say the woman's era dawns at last,
When now this century draws near its end,
Old notions of man's lordship, failing fast,
Make way for woman's aid to help to mend
Affairs that sorely need her presence bright
Nor can it be denied, when fairly tried,
Suffrage has proved a lover for the right
Equally shared; for unto neither side
Reason and sense belong, but unto both
And where one sex doth supplement the other,
Causes are weighed more wisely than the truth,
Laws surely made more just for wife and mother.
"Union is strength"; let all, not half, unite,
Bravely to war against all foes of Right

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