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The Ladies Best Companion, an electronic edition

by Amelia Chambers [Chambers, Amelia]

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collection: Early Modern through the 18th Century

Table of Contents

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A Remedy for the Scurvy in Winter.

Take four handfuls of pine or fir tops, and let them be cut small, half an ounce of winters bark, put one quart of water to every twenty ounces, and when it boils, pour into it four ounces of juice of dandelion; when it has boiled half an hour let it be taken off and set to cool, then put to it half an ounce of spirit of scurvy-grass, horse-raddish-water, and syrup of elder berries, of each four ounces, let it stand a day to dissolve, then let the liquor be strained off, and a quarter of a pint taken twice in the day.