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The Ladies Best Companion, an electronic edition

by Amelia Chambers [Chambers, Amelia]

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collection: Early Modern through the 18th Century

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Wafers to be taken in Fevers.

Take one ounce of tamarinds, the same quantity of the juice of Spanish liquorice, mash the whole together in a morter with two drams of gum tragacinth; then lay the composition on troches, and let them be set to dry in a slow oven. They are to be given one at time to the patient, to be held in the mouth, as they contribute to alleviate drought, by keeping the mouth moist.

N.B.The above medicines are useful in fevers in general, and are all less or more useful, but there being so many different sorts of fevers, and attended with such a variety of symptoms, that the person who would prescribe for particular ones, ought to be well acquainted with the constitution of the patient, othertwise he may do more harm than goo. In such cases, therefore, it is the duty of the person afflicted, or their friends to send for a physician, who upon examining into the nature of the disorder, and the patients constitution will know what to apply.