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The Ladies Best Companion, an electronic edition

by Amelia Chambers [Chambers, Amelia]

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collection: Early Modern through the 18th Century

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To make the Face, when over red, appear fair and transparent.

Mix two drams of camphire, with two ounces of borax and one ounce of roach allom; add to them a pound of allom that has been burnt, put all these in water, after you have beaten them together, mix with it the white of two eggs, and when the whole has boiled an hour, pour into the vessel a pint of vinegar, then let it be taken off and let to cool; after it has stood about three weeks it will be fit for use in the following Manner. Wash your face with fine white soap, and when you have dried it, dip a linen cloth in a cup full of the liquor; rub it all over your face with your eyes shut, but do not wash it with water any more that day.