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The Ladies Best Companion, an electronic edition

by Amelia Chambers [Chambers, Amelia]

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collection: Early Modern through the 18th Century

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To make Water for beautifying the Face.

Take a quart of white wine, and the same quantity of goat's milk, mix them together, and grate over them a penny loaf, and a pound of double refined loaf sugar; squeeze into it the juice of four lemons, and add to the whole a great house-leek, three ounces of roach allum, a few-water lillies; a handful of white poppy seeds, as many bean blossoms, and a few violets; when all the materials are bruised in the liquid, let them be put into a glass alembic and distilled. It is not only useful in beautifying the face, but will also give a fine colour to | | 154 the hands and neck, making them, appear white and transparent.