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Arrow Music by Bryher, an electronic edition

by W. Bryher [Bryher, Annie Winifred Ellerman]

date: 1922
source publisher: J. & E. Bumpus
collection: Early 20th Century Literature

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If I forge horses,
black hooves, bronze coursers,
the wind-wilt forward of a mane
on a white torse;
if I forge horses
as beautiful as lightning,
will you send your eagle, Zeus,
to help me from the earth?
will you set me with Eros,
to play forever and forever
with cowslip balls and stars
on the turf of the sky ?

My heart is blind with lightning,
my heart is blind with crocuses,
with a young fawn that leapt
from moss to crocus leaf,
blind, blind with beauty.

It is the visible world that has shattered me,
it is the cry of the crane that has broken me,
Zeus, Zeus with your lightning,
grant me freedom from earth.