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The Atomic Poems of Margaret (Lucas) Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle, from her Poems, and Fancies, 1653, an electronic edition. Edited with an introduction by Leigh Tillman Partington

by Margaret Cavendish [Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674]

date: 1653
source publisher:
collection: Early Modern through the 18th Century

Table of Contents

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Cavendish, Margaret (Lucas).

Of Earth.


WHY Earth's not apt to move, but slow and dull,
Is, Atomes flat no Vacuum hath but full.
That Forme admits no empty place to bide
All parts are fil'd, having no hollow side.
And where no Vacuum is,
1 Motion is slow, [5]
Having no empty places for to go.
Though Atomes all are small, as small may bee,
Yet by their Formes, Motion doth disagree.
For Atomes sharp do make themselves a Way 2 ,
Cutting through other Atomes as they stray. [10]
But Atomes flat will dull, and lazy lay,
Having no Edge, or point to make a Way.


1. As Round and Long have.

2. As the numbers of Sharpe Atomes do peirce and make way through greater numbers, as a Sparke of fire will kindle, and burn up a house.

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