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The Atomic Poems of Margaret (Lucas) Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle, from her Poems, and Fancies, 1653, an electronic edition. Edited with an introduction by Leigh Tillman Partington

by Margaret Cavendish [Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674]

date: 1653
source publisher:
collection: Early Modern through the 18th Century

Table of Contents

Chronology of Military and Political Events in Seventeenth-Century England

The seventeenth century was a tumultuous time in England, and this study, although mainly concered with science and literature, does not pretend to exist in a vacuum. For those interested in a general outline of the military and political events, I have included the following chronology, compiled by Antonia Fraser for her book The Weaker Vessel, which may be used as an orienting device for those familiar with the history of the seventeenth century or a starting point for those wishing to explore the topic more thoroughly:

1603 Death of Elizabeth I; accession of James I

1605 Discovery of the Gunpowder Plot

1611 Publication of the Authorized Version of the Bible

1614 The Addled Parliament

1620 Pilgrim Fathers sail for America

1621 Parliament issues Protestation against James I's excesses

1625 Death of James I; accession of Charles I

1628 Assassination of the Duke of Buckingham; the Petition of Right issued

1629 Charles I dissolves Parliament (and rules without one until1640)

1634 Raising of ship-money; imprisonment of Prynne

1638 Scottish National Covenant drawn up

1639 End of the First Bishop's War

1640 The Short Parliament; the Second Bishops's War; first sitting of the Long Parliament

1641 Execution of Stafford; the Grand Remonstrance issued

1642 Beginning of the First Civil War; Battle of Edgehill (Oct.23rd)

1643 Battles of Roundway Down (July 13th) and first Newbury (Sept. 20th); Parliament signs Solemn League and Covenant with Scots; first meeting of the Westminster Assembly

1644 Battles of Cheriton (Mar. 29th), Marston Moor (July 2nd), Lostwithiel (Sept 2nd) and second Newbury (Oct. 27th)

1645 Introduction to the Self-Denying Ordinance and formation of the New Model Army; Battle of Naseby (June 14th); execution of Laud

1646 Charles I surrenders to the Scots; end of First Civil War

1647 Charles I imprisoned at Carisbrooke

1648 Start of Second Civil War; Battle of Preston (Aug. 17th); end of Second Civil War; Pride's Purge

1649 Execution of Charles I; formation of the Commonwealth; Cromwell's expedition to Ireland

1650 Cromwell leads campaign against Scots; Battle of Dunbar (Sept. 3rd)

1651 Battle of Worcester (Sept. 3rd); escape of Charles II

1652 Start of the First Dutch War

1653 Dissolution of the Rump Parliament; the Barebones Parliament; Cromwell becomes Lord Protector

1654 End of First Dutch War

1658 Death of Cromwell

1660 Declaration of Breda; Restoration of Charles II; Act of Indemnity and Oblivion; marriage of the Duke of York and Anne Hyde

1661-5 Enactment of the 'Clarendon Code'; Corporation Act (1661); Act of Uniformity (1662); first Conventicle Act (1664); Five Mile Act (1665)

1662 Marriage of Charles II and Catherine of Braganza; foundation of the Royal Society [other sources, including The Death of Nature, date the Royal Society to the year 1660.]

1665 The Great Plague; start of the Second Dutch War

1666 The Fire of London

1667 End of the Second Dutch War; fall of Clarendon

1670 Enactment of the second Conventicle Act

1672 Charles II's Declaration of Indulgence; start of the Third Dutch War

1673 The First Test Act; marriage of Duke of York and Mary of Modena

1674 End of Third Dutch War

1677 Marriage of Princess Mary and William of Orange

1678 The Popish Plot

1682 The Rye House Plot

1685 Death of Charles II; accession of James II; the Monmouth Rebellion; the Bloody Assizes

1687 James II dismisses Parliament and issues his first Declaration of Indulgence

1688 James II's second Declaration of Indulgence; imprisonment of the Seven Bishops; birth of James's son; overthrow of James II and arrival of William and Mary

1689 Start of joint rule of William III and Mary II; Bill of Rights and Toleration Act passed; start of the War of the Grand Alliance

1694 Death of Mary II; Triennial Act passed

1697 End of the War of the Grand Alliance

1701 Act of Settlement passed

1702 Death of William III; accession of Anne