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1. CarolineBlack, Clementina, 1854-1922 [Clementina Black] 19081900-1999
2. The Haunted Photograph, an electronic editionStuart,Ruth McEnery, 1856-1917 [Ruth McEnery Stuart] 19111900-1999
3. The Adventures of Tyler Tatlock, an electronic editionMuddock, J.E. (Joyce Emmerson), 1843-1934 [Dick Donovan] 19001900-1999
4. The Affair at the Inn, an electronic editionWiggin, Kate Douglas Smith, 1856-1923 [Kate Douglas Wiggin]
Findlater, Mary, 1865- [Mary Findlater]
Findlater, Jane Helen, 1866-1946 [Jane Findlater]
Stewart, Charlotte, 1863- [Allan McAulay]
5. The Aim of Our GirlsRogers, Loula Kendall, 1838-1931 [Mrs. Loula Kendall Rogers] 1900-1999
6. The Amazing Adventures of Letitia Carberry, an electronic editionRinehart, Mary Roberts, 1876-1958 [Charles Egbert Craddock] 19111900-1999
7. An American Woman, an electronic editionSwan, Annie S., 1859-1943 [Annie S. Swan] 19001900-1999
8. An April Princess, an electronic editionSmedley, Constance, 1881-1941 [Constance Smedley] 19031900-1999
9. Are Homogenous Divorce Laws in All the States Desirable? an electronic editionStanton, Elizabeth Cady, 1815-1902 [Elizabeth Cady Stanton] 19001900-1999
10. Arrow Music by Bryher, an electronic editionBryher, Annie Winifred Ellerman [W. Bryher] 19221900-1999
11. An Autobiography, an electronic editionHenook-Makhewe-Kelenaka [Angel De Cora] 19111900-1999
12. The Avalanche, an electronic editionAtherton, Gertrude Franklin Horn, 1857-1948 [Gertrude Atherton] 19191900-1999
13. Babes in the Wood, an electronic editionCroker, B.M. (Bithia Mary), d.1920 [B. M. Croker] 19141900-1999
14. The Battles of GeorgiaRogers, Loula Kendall, 1838-1931 [Mrs. Loula Kendall Rogers] 19231900-1999
15. Below Stairs, an electronic editionSidgwick, Alfred, Mrs., d.1934 [Mrs. Alfred Sidgwick] 19131900-1999
16. Birth, an electronic editionGale, Zona, 1874-1938 [Zona Gale] 19241900-1999
17. Bond or Free, an electronic editionMathers, Helen, 1853-1920 [David Lyall] 19131900-1999
18. Calvary Alley, an electronic editionRice, Alice Caldwell Hegan, 1870-1942 [Alice Hegan Rice] 19171900-1999
19. The Circular Staircase, an electronic editionRinehart, Mary Roberts, 1876-1958 [Mary Roberts Rinehart] 19081900-1999
20. Confessions of a Wife, an electronic editionPhelps, Elizabeth Stuart, 1844-1911 [Mary Adams] 19021900-1999