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1. CarolineBlack, Clementina, 1854-1922 [Clementina Black] 1908Great Britain
2. The Accomplished Ladies Rich Closet of Rarities, an electronic editionJ. S. (John Shirley), fl. 1680-1702. [John Shirley] Great Britain
3. Adrienne, an electronic editionRita1898Great Britain
4. The Adventure of the Black Lady. A Novel, an electronic editionBehn, Aphra, 1640-1689 [Aphra Behn] 1697Great Britain
5. The Adventures of Tyler Tatlock, an electronic editionMuddock, J.E. (Joyce Emmerson), 1843-1934 [Dick Donovan] 1900Great Britain
6. The Adventures of a Lady Pearl-Broker, an electronic editionHeron-Maxwell, Beatrice, d. 1927 [Beatrice Heron-Maxwell] 1899Great Britain
7. An Adventuress, an electronic edition Meade, L.T., 1854-1914 [L.T. Meade] 1899Great Britain
8. Advice to the Women and Maidens of London, an electronic editionOne of that Sex [One of that Sex.] Great Britain
9. An American Woman, an electronic editionSwan, Annie S., 1859-1943 [Annie S. Swan] 1900Great Britain
10. Ariadne, an electronic editionOuida, 1839-1908 [Ouida] 1877Great Britain
11. The ArraignmentGreat Britain
12. Arrow Music by Bryher, an electronic editionBryher, Annie Winifred Ellerman [W. Bryher] 1922Great Britain
13. The Atomic Poems of Margaret (Lucas) Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle, from her Poems, and Fancies, 1653, an electronic edition. Edited with an introduction by Leigh Tillman PartingtonNewcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674 [Margaret Cavendish] 1653Great Britain
14. Aunt Anne, an electronic editionClifford, W.K., Mrs., d.1929 [Mrs. W.K. Clifford] 1892Great Britain
15. Autobiography Of A Slander, an electronic editionLyall, Edna, 1857-1903 [Edna Lyall] 1894Great Britain
16. Babes in the Wood, an electronic editionCroker, B.M. (Bithia Mary), d.1920 [B. M. Croker] 1914Great Britain
17. Barbara: Lady's Maid and Peeress, an electronic editionAlexander, Mrs., 1825-1902 [Mrs. Alexander] 1897Great Britain
18. A Beleaguered City, an electronic editionOliphant, Mrs. (Margaret), 1828-1897 [Mrs. Oliphant] 1930Great Britain
19. Below Stairs, an electronic editionSidgwick, Alfred, Mrs., d.1934 [Mrs. Alfred Sidgwick] 1913Great Britain
20. The Beth Book, an electronic editionGrand, Sarah [Sarah Grand] 1898Great Britain